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Sourdough Shortbread Cookies

Sourdough Shortbread Cookies! Buttery shortbread cookies are enhanced with powdered sourdough discard. These cookies have an absolutely haunting flavor. If you love a perfectly buttery and crumbly shortbread cookie have I got a treat for you. The addition of sourdough discard adds a lovely yeasty flavor to a classic shortbread cookie. I’m officially obsessed! If …

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Chunky Sourdough Granola

You’ll love this chunky Sourdough Granola with pecans and maple syrup. Use your sourdough discard to make healthy and delicious granola. This recipe can be adapted with the ingredients you have on hand. This granola is abundant with wholesome ingredients like oats, pecans and pumpkin seeds. It has just a hint of maple sweetness and …

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