Baking conversions are handy when you want to adapt a recipe that is listed in volume measure to weight measure, or if you need to convert from US/Imperial to metric measure.

General Conversions for all recipes

US/Imperial Weight Metric
general weight conversion 1 oz 28g
general liquid conversion  1 oz liquid 30 ml 

Common baking ingredients listed by volume (using “dip and sweep” method), US weights and metric weights.

See this post to learn about the “dip and sweep” method and how to measure your baking ingredients.

IngredientVolume US/Imperial WeightMetric 
All purpose flour 1 cup5 oz 140g
Bread flour 1 cup 5 oz  140g
Whole wheat flour 1 cup 5 oz  140g
Cornmeal 1 cup 5 oz  140g
Cake flour1 cup4.5 oz127g
Granulated sugar1 cup8 oz224g
Confectioner’s sugar1 cup4 oz 112g
Brown sugar1 cup8 oz224g
Butter1 cup8 oz224g
Water1 cup8 oz 240ml
Milk1 cup8 oz240ml
Heavy Cream1 cup8 oz240ml
Sour Cream 1 cup8 oz224g
Cocoa Powder1 cup4 oz 112g
Vegetable Oil1 cup7 oz210ml
Large egg3.25 tablespoons1.75 oz49g
Large yolkn/a .5 oz14g
Large egg whiten/a1.25 oz 35g

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