Hi, I’m Eileen

I’m a trained pastry chef, cookbook writer and full-time blogger.

While those titles describe my job, honestly, first and foremost I think of myself as a baker.

I’ve been a baker for as long as I can remember, literally. One of my earliest and fondest memories is playing with my Easy Bake Oven, staring into the little window, waiting an eternity for those tiny cakes to be baked under a 100 watt light bulb.

I started my working life as a systems analyst for a computer company, but realized pretty soon that I belonged in the kitchen. So I quit my job and  enrolled in pastry school. I graduated with high honors and was chosen valedictorian by my chef instructors. After graduation I worked in fine dining restaurants, at a wholesale bakery, for a luxury hotel, at a retail bakery and even for a British tea shop.

From 2007-2017 I was the owner and operator of an award-winning custom cake bakery (Cake Art Studio). My cakes were featured in regional and national cake decorating and bridal magazines.

I also have a BA in English and have written articles for a local newspaper, for American Cake Decorating Magazine and Parade.com.

In 2018 my first cookbook, Easy Baking From Scratch, was published.

Fun Facts About Me

I’d rather be

in the kitchen

I love to


I’m grateful for

my husband & Kids

MY Favorite place

around the table with friends

My Favorite Dessert

Pie of any kind

I have

5 siblings
an apple tarte tatin with a slice cut.

How this all began

I have always loved teaching people how to bake. I am a firm believer that, with a little guidance and a good recipe, anyone can bake from scratch. As I always say, “baking is an art and a science but it’s not rocket science”.

I don’t consider Baking Sense just a collection of recipes. This blog is a teaching tool which allows me to share my years of kitchen experience and my recipes with home bakers at every skill level.

If you’re a seasoned and confident baker I can’t wait for you to try my recipes. If you’re new to baking, I hope I can help you develop your own “Baking Sense”.

Want to work together? Great! I’m available for recipe development and sponsored recipe posts.

If you have any questions regarding one of my recipes please ask in the “comments” section of the specific post. This way everyone can benefit from your question and (hopefully) from my answer.