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My recipes for all sorts of pies and tarts. From Classic Apple Pie to decadent Banana Cream pie to French Apple Frangipane Tart.

Of course you’ll find a basic pie crust recipe, but how about Sourdough Pie Crust or Cornmeal Pie Crust?

Chocolate Strawberry Tart

This Chocolate Strawberry Tart features a dark chocolate cookie crust filled with chocolate pastry cream and it’s topped with fresh strawberries. If you love chocolate covered strawberries (and who doesn’t) you’ll love this dessert. When strawberries are in season you’ve got to eat as many as you can, in as many ways as you can. …

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Chocolate Shortcrust Pastry (chocolate short dough)

Chocolate Shortcrust Pastry (also known as short dough or pâte sucrée) is a slightly sweet cookie-like dough that is perfect for making fruit tarts, cream pies and cut-out cookies. It’s dead-simple to make and freezes very well. How can I use Chocolate Pastry Dough? Pâte Sucrée or Short dough bakes up with a nice crisp …

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Pear Custard Tart with Vanilla Bean

They say “less is more” and this elegant Pear Custard Tart is a perfect example of that sentiment. Pears have an understated flavor which are perfectly enhanced by vanilla bean custard and a crackly caramelized sugar glaze. Tips for making a perfect Pear Custard Tart: Use a fluted tart pan with a removeable bottom for …

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Cranberry Crumb Pie

Cranberry Crumb Pie celebrates the gloriously tangy flavor of the indigenous American berry. The pure cranberry filling is perfectly complimented by a sweet and cinnamony brown sugar crumb topping. Ever wonder why we rarely see recipes for all cranberry pie? Apple-Cranberry, sure. Raspberry-Cranberry, sometimes. I adore the assertively tart flavor of cranberries and wanted to …

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Raspberry Rose Tarts with Video

Raspberry Rose Tarts are as delicious as they are gorgeous. A cookie crust is filled with rosewater-scented raspberry curd and topped with a raspberry cream rose. These beautiful little tarts would be the perfect dessert for Valentine’s Day, a bridal shower, Easter, or Mother’s Day brunch. Individual tarts look so pretty lined up on a …

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Zucchini Galette in a Whole Wheat Crust

This Zucchini Galette is a hearty and wholesome free-form pie made with whole wheat crust and lots of garden-fresh zucchini. As I’ve said many times, give me any form of fruit wrapped in a crisp crust and I’m a happy camper. Well, I’ll expand that sentiment to include veggies wrapped in a crisp crust. Because …

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