How to – Ice a Cake Like a Pastry Chef

Create a cake that looks like you bought it at a cake at a high-end bake shop! You will see a short ad before the video starts. Thanks for your patience. The ads help me pay the bills so I can keep creating new recipes for you!

Equipment used: Offset spatula, bench scraper, cake turntable, silcone spatulacardboard cake rounds.

Bacon & Egg (in a) Muffin Video
choc chip cookie cake video
Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake Video

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  1. I turned my Ad Blocker off & still don’t find a link for the video… For the “How to Ice a Cake like a Pastry Chef” video.

  2. No video, no ad either. No links except something about an egg muffin or a chocolate chip cookie cake.

  3. Hey there! Your blog posts have been priceless for a geeky novice like myself, so thank you for your hard work and clear explanations! I was wondering if you knew whether some issue exists with the video links? I’ve been trying to watch your video on frosting like a pastry chef, but whenever I click on it I’m either taken back to the page with the cake recipe or straight back here. 😮 Either way, thanks a ton!

    1. I Adri. Where are you clicking? If you are on the page where you commented the video should be running at the top of the page if on desktop and at the bottom if on mobile. There is an ad that runs before the video. They’re usually a few seconds long and you should see a note at the bottom of the video that it is an advertisement. Are you on mobile or desktop? I can see the video on both.

        1. Hi Jane. Which links are not live? Which video are you trying to watch? If you want to watch the video about icing a cake, it will run after a short ad. On desktop the video is “sticky” meaning it will follow you as you scroll through the page. On mobile the video will show right after the text.

        2. @Eileen, Looking for the “How to Ice a Cake like a Pastry Chef” video & it’s not here… Nowhere to be found. I’m on a laptop and all the other recipes and video links show but not the one about icing like a pastry chef. I’ve done semi-professional decorating in the past so I know the basics but I was curious to watch your video. Thanks all the same!

          1. I just typed “how to ice a cake” in the search bar at the top of the blog and the page came up for me with the video playing.

          2. @Eileen Gray, I tried to post a screen shot of my search but won’t ‘paste’ so I copied the results….

            Search results for: “how to ice a cake”
            No Posts Found
            We didn’t find any posts for your search term