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White chocolate

White Chocolate Cranberry Cheesecake

White Chocolate Cranberry Cheesecake is the perfect dessert for your holiday table. You’ll love this silky white chocolate cheesecake topped with whipped white chocolate ganache and jewel-like Cranberries in Red Wine. To help you plan the perfect holiday dinner the #SundaySupper members are offering our Best Holiday Dessert recipes. Thanks to T.R from Gluten Free Crumbley  for hosting today’s …

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Triple Chocolate Cream Pie with Candied Cocoa Nibs

Triple Chocolate Cream Pie! Why have just one flavor of chocolate cream when you can have them all? And those candied cocoa nibs, yummmm!   Admittedly, this recipe is a bit involved. But the preparation really goes fast once you get started, and a slice of this pie is just so pretty with all the …

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