Rhubarb Pie

Just rhubarb pie filling has a tart-sweet flavor and striking pink color.

To keep rhubarb fresh until you're ready to bake, trim the bottom of the stalks and set them in a container of water, like flowers.

You need just 5 ingredients (plus crust) to make a great   rhubarb pie.

Toss the rhubarb with sugar and let it "macerate" for 1 hour. This will draw out the juice so your pie filling isn't runny.

– Cook the rhubarb juice with cornstarch. Bring the mix to a full boil so the starch will activate. – Toss the thickened juice with the rhubarb and fill the pie shell.

Weave a beautiful lattice top for the pie. Trim the edges and brush it with egg wash. Sprinkle the pie with a little sugar before baking for an extra crisp crust.

By macerating the rhubarb and pre-cooking the starch your rhubarb pie filling is full of chunky fruit and it's never runny.