Sourdough Pizza Crust

Baking Sense

Sourdough Pizza Crust makes everyone’s favorite food even better. It takes several hours to make the dough, but the vast majority of the time is hands-off.

Baking Sense


– Sourdough starter  – Warm water – Bread flour – Salt – Olive oil – Cornmeal

– Add olive oil, salt & remaining flour. – Knead for 5 minutes.

– Combine starter, water & some  flour to make a sponge. – Rest the sponge for 30 min.

– After fermentation the dough should be aerated & elastic. It’s ready to shape.

– Stretch & fold hourly to redistribute the yeast & aerate the dough.

–Gently stretch & pat the dough to a 12"-14" round.  –Lift with the back of your hands so you don't poke a finger through the dough. 

– Place the dough onto a pizza peel or the back of a sheet pan  dusted with cornmeal. The cornmeal acts as ball-bearings so you can slide the pizza.  – Bake your sourdough pizza in a very hot oven, or grill it. 

Sourdough pizza is absolutely delicious thanks to its complex flavor, chewy yet airy texture, and incredible aroma.