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Cherry Pit Ice Cream – It tastes like marzipan!

I discovered Cherry Pit Ice Cream a few years ago when I was Googling around for cherry recipes. I’d never used cherry pits as an ingredient before but was immediately intrigued because I absolutely love bitter almond flavor. Bitter almond is not the flavor of the typical sweet almond you buy in the grocery store …

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Passion Fruit Curd & Other Fruit Curds

Passion Fruit Curd is just one variation of this adaptable recipe. Fruit curds can be made with citrus fruit, mango, passion fruit, pineapple, and others. Curds are easy to make and so versatile in the kitchen. My custom cake business, Cake Art Studio, had a fairly large menu of cake flavors. One of the most …

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Irish Coffee Trifle

Irish Coffee Trifle is made with cocoa ladyfingers soaked with a coffee/whiskey syrup, coffee pastry cream and lightly sweetened cream on top. Introducing Irish Coffee Trifle Traditionally, Irish Coffee is made with hot coffee laced with Jameson’s Irish Whiskey and a layer of lightly whipped cream floating on top. I took the flavors of Irish Coffee and …

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